Saurida Cars is a venture that has been launched to provide customers with the very best that luxury and exotic cars have to offer: comfort and experience. It is our mission to serve every customer and their individual needs by providing the finest quality cars.

Unique and well recognized cars brands, such as: Maserati, Lexus, Porsche, Lamborghini, Bentley and others. We are a brand that believes in comfort, luxury and reliability as well give our all to provide customers with it at every step.

The market for exotic and luxurious cars is not stagnant in Europe by any means, but the main problems with it are mostly the same no matter which dealership you go to.

The cars you find are standard, with nothing setting them apart from other makes of the same model. Not to mention, there’s a clear dearth of luxury cars which are not manufactured and sold in Europe typically.

With us everything is possible


When it comes to giving customers what they need, Saurida Cars does whatever it can to ensure that customers only receive the very best in everything. Our unrelenting drive to bring the very best service to our customers is what sets us apart from the rest.


The best quality cars brings what we are here for to the table. All well known exotic and luxury car brands we have stands for individuality and reliability to make your journey be as comforting as possible.


Wide variety of cars give us an advantage. We do have exotic and rare cars that are not being for sale in other dealerships. Unique sets that are not in typical car dealer.

Our story

Saurida Cars was launched by a group of individuals who love the concepts of elite travel in different comfort class cars. It is our core belief  that travelling well means doing so in the very best quality cars available.

For that end, we were increasingly disappointed by the lack of luxury offered by European car sellers. We realized that the European market needed something different. Something more exotic; luxury cars from all over the world available for their use.

Since then we have been busy gathering the world’s best exotic cars for the European market to choose from, favoring quality and individuality over anything else. We aim to offer a service that appeals to car lovers all across Europe and those looking to travel in luxury.

Our service

At Saurida Cars, we believe wholly in the importance of customers and their views to drive operations and services. We are currently investing our time to come up with ideas and relations to serve the customer with the highest quality standards that can be offered in Europe.

We listen to our customers and try our best to understand them. We try our best to keep in touch with our customers to make sure that they get the very best customer experience and receive exactly what they need. In case something goes wrong, it is our policy at Saurida Cars to instantly fix any issues and provide customers the relief they need. When it comes to having our cars tested, we offer our customers the ride to bring them to our dealership and check our cars.

Always in stock

There is no shortage of cars at Saurida Cars. We ensure that our showrooms and our dealerships are always fully equipped to offer customers the luxury cars that they need. We’re always in stock, whenever You need us.

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